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Sendinblue is up to 7x cheaper than Constant Contact

At Sendinblue, we only charge you based on the volume of emails you send.
Constant Contact requires you to pay more for each new contact you add to your list.

Number of contacts (assuming you send 3 campaigns / month) Sendinblue Constant ContactConstant Contact
2 000 Free $ 45
5 000 $ 25 $ 95
10 000 $ 25 $ 125
20 000 $ 39 $ 225
40 000 $ 173 $ 335
100 000 $ 173 N/A

Take your marketing to the next level with Sendinblue

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Sendinblue gives incredible bang-for-buck. All told, for a cool $66/month, you can send hundreds of thousands of emails, and gain access to Sendinblue’s most advanced features.
- Merchant - Maverick

Features available Sendinblue Constant ContactConstant Contact
Email Marketing
Transactional emails
SMS Marketing
Transactional SMS
Marketing Automation
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited contact attribute fields
Certified GDPR-Compliant
Email client testing
Advanced statistics
Free support 24/7
Support available by phone

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Get up close and personal with your customers

Marketing Automation allows you to get closer to your customers by using personalization and customization at scale. Connect your website to SendinBlue to trigger specific email campaigns based on website activity (pageview, click, purchase, etc.).

Enjoy unlimited marketing automation with SendinBlue, as part of your monthly premium plan (starting at 66 USD).

Feature Sendinblue Constant ContactConstant Contact
Pre-made workflows
Custom Workflows
Send custom notification emails
Send SMS
Add contacts to display retargeting campaign
Send contact information to a Webhook

No more emails landing in SPAM

We take deliverability very seriously at SendinBlue, which is why we have one of the most effective validation process, using a mix of machine learning algorithms, and human checking. This allows us to ensure top deliverability on our share IPs. If your results endanger your deliverability, you’ll be notified immediately, and you’ll be able to work with our amazing customer care team to resolve the issue.

Feature Sendinblue Constant ContactConstant Contact
Dedicated IP
IP pool management
Customization of SPF, DKIM, DMARC
Inbox Test

Switching is easy!

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Sendinblue rated top email marketing application on GetApp
Sendinblue rated top 20 most popular email marketing platforms on Capterra
Sendinblue rated top email marketing platform on Trustradius in 2018
SendinBlue recognized in Small-Business Transactional Email based on user reviews

They upgraded, and aren’t downgrading any time soon!

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Send in Blue is easy to use!

It allows good flexibility, while remaining straightforward and providing all the basics our organization needs. It is low cost and the billing system makes sense and meets our needs financially as well.

Cora Lund Preston

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I really love the support and quick response time

I was really struggling with another very popular mailout company over my database. I spent 3 weeks trying to resolve it…they acted like a bunch of chimps. I then decided to contact send in blue and in one day i was up and running. I have had great service since and no problems.


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Delighted with the results

I was rather apprehensive about switching to a new provider. Having migrated my data and having now sent my first broadcasts, I’m delighted with the results. The reporting functions are very comprehensive and the team has helped me improve my delivery rate substantially. It’s been a great move. Thanks


Don’t let overpriced clunky tools weigh you down. Upgrade now

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